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Colon Cleansing Hoax

I thought WebMD was a good resource for medical information until I read the article on colon Cleansing there and my final thoughts are that they are up for the highest bidders too. Is there any truth to colon cleansing- I don’t think so. It is your money and your body so in a democratic society we have a right to buy any thing with our money and put anything in our mouth. But do you really want to do it. Keep reading and decide for yourself.

There are over one hundred products out there that claim to cleanse your colon of the toxins and rejuvinate your body with benefits mentioned that are out of this world. Some of us has not read the anatomy and physiology so here is a quick lesson.

Colon is also known as large intestine and consists of Cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon lastly the rectum and anus. After all the food has been digested and major nutrients absorbed in the small intestine, left over is released in the colon in a liquid form. Main function of the colon is to absorb and conserve water and make it into a solid waste which is then expelled periodically in the form of stool. There is not a whole lot of nutrient or toxins left in the food that is presented to the colon hence its role is limited to water absorption only.

Also noticable is the fact that our body excretes stool every day( in most cases) and empties colon to get rid of the waste. It fills with more of the same from the small intestine just as fast as it is emptied. There are no hidden places in the colon. If you do not move your bowel for a significant length of time, you will be deadly sick. So naturally colon is cleansed very frequently and in most cases daily.

I have done over 3000 colonoscopy over last many years. Colonoscopy procedure involves a colon prep which cleans out the colon in order for us to be able to see the mucosal lining of the colon clearly to identify lesions like polyps, cancer and colitis, ulcers etc. We use several well known preparations in order to clean the colon. We do not call it colon cleansing but call it colon prep.

All these times we perform colonscopy there is nothing left in the colon and it is clean like a whistle. So I donot understand the concept of emptying it with special colon cleansing agents when it is doing that naturally every day. Most of the colon cleansing preps in market are not regulated by FDA and hence do not have to go through any vigorous testing. All claims that they make are just claims without any real reseach behind it. Obviously they are making money of us when we use these products without thinking twice.

As a medical professional I find it very hard to believe any of the claims made by these companies selling the products. Even more difficult is to belive that sites like WebMD putting some kind of vague authentic seal on the practice. I sincerely wish there was some control on these agents that not only are completely useless but potentially harmful. This gives a new meaning to the democratic principles – ” One does not have to have any scientific bases behind there claims as long as they have enough money to wrap it in a nice packet and market it big time” Ultimately it is our body we are taking about and I would hope that people talk to their doctors before they poison themselves.


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